FUTURO IMMOBILIARE deals with real estate consultancy of residential and commercial properties, operating throughout the city of Milan and in the main tourist resorts of Liguria, up to the French Riviera, thanks to EPC (European Professional Card) abilitation which enables us to operate throughout France.

Federico Musio presidente di Futuro Immobiliare e Alessandro Arienta Architetto insieme per offrire a Milano un servizio immobiliare completo

Real estate consultant and architect
for a complete sale and rental service

Chiama subito al numero 3497282447 un consulente immobiliare Futuro Immobiliare per vendere o affittare la tua casa a Milano

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MLS Multiple Listing Service condivisione immobili e richieste immobiliari

FUTURO IMMOBILIARE uses advertising on major industry portals, active on social media and connected to MLS (Multiple Listing Service) platforms.
The staff is made up of professionals with experience in intermediation and architecture, with a mentality based on technology and sharing.

Collaborazione tra agenzie condivisione immobili e richieste immobiliari

Using the MLS system, we share our properties and our real estate requests with other thousands of member agencies between Italy and the rest of Europe.
FUTURO IMMOBILIARE agents therefore create more sales and rental opportunities and make the property finder service more effective.
We strongly believe in collaboration: the combination of real estate consultant and architect makes the difference when you want to give a precise valuation to an asset, knowing the market and adopting strategies aimed at enhancing the property before and during the sale.

We have established collaborations with fundamental professionals to make a transaction safe and quick, such as notaries, accountants, home stagers and construction companies, to provide a safe and complete 360-degree service.
Rental and sale of houses, apartments, lofts and villas in Milan and enhancement of the heritage, represent the focus and strength of FUTURO IMMOBILIARE, always guaranteed by competence and passion for the home.

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